Lose weight. Weight loss. Lose body fat. Drop inches. With so much focus put on the ‘losing’ part of the health and fitness journey, is it time we begin to focus more on what we can GAIN from making positive lifestyle changes and gifting our bodies with movement? Than loss, loss, loss.

Now I apologise in advance if this turns in to a bit of a ramble but I feel it needs addressing, and I want to share it with you guys to see what you think. Maybe some of you agree? or even find yourself doing this right now?

In my opinion, over the past few years the fitness industry has made lots of positive progressions, focussing less on weight and more on how you feel, and letting go of numbers. Now without sounding like I’m contradicting myself, I think that numbers in terms of centimetres can be a great way to monitor progress alongside progress photos – I have my own clients doing these and for some it’s a fab motivator. But here’s the thing – numbers are NOT, I repeat NOT, the be all and end all and here’s my reasons why…

When starting out on any health or fitness plan, it’s easy to get swept up in to the ‘loss’ mentality – constantly striving for lower numbers, dress sizes or worst still, stepping on the sad step AKA scales. But what often gets pushed aside and lost (pardon the pun) is everything that you’re gaining from living a healthier lifestyle! Forget what you can lose for a moment and let’s concentrate and what you can GAIN!

Strength Gains As you consistently work through your training plan, celebrate the way your body and mind are becoming stronger! Focus on the weights getting heavier, the numbers going up. Squatting or deadlifting a number you never thought possible. This is epic progress!

Energy Gains With your new way of life, notice how your energy levels may be changing. Maybe you’re no longer dipping from high to low and relying on coffee or sugar to get you through the afternoon. Be aware of what your body is telling you, it’s likely thanking you for embracing a new way of life.

Skin Gains Have those small tweaks to your nutrition effected your skin? It’s a well known that fuelling your body with nutritious whole foods and staying well hydrated can help improve your complexion. How does yours feel?

Feel Good Gains Maybe you simply feel like a total badass. Celebrate it. Gains are god darn wonderful. The list could go on but I strongly urge you to think about what you’re GAINING from exercising regularly, fuelling your body and connecting your mind to the present moment, because they often go unnoticed.

So the moral of this quick fire post and what I’m trying to get across here is, be proud of what you are gaining on your fitness journey. Focus less on the ‘losses’ – these are just another by-product of your actions and how you feel inside is just as, if not more, important than how you look on the outside.

I’d love to know your opinion on this topic. Do you agree? or maybe you disagree? Comment below and let me know…