Wonder Wedgette Stephanie is taking over the blog, sharing her fabulous journey to becoming the most beautiful bride! Dishing how she got that perky bum, gained strength and felt ‘sexy, fit and healthy’ on her big day, thanks to her Wedgettes Training Plan – I am SO proud of her, and I think you’re gonna love crushing over Stephanie’s wedding prep story and glamourous snaps!

Tell us about yourself…

I’m Stephanie, 34, from Hampshire. I’m a social worker, trampoline teaching photographer – I’m super busy!!!

Why did you sign up the #Wedgettes Plan?

I have done so many plans but have never really achieved my ultimate goal. I wanted to make not only a physical change, but also a mental change and from Hannah’s blogs and social media posts I felt that she could also offer the emotional support I required. I was quite clear that I didn’t want to make the desired changes just for the wedding, but also for life and the future.

How did your online plan help you prepare for your wedding day?

The plan helped me to stay focussed, gave me a daily and weekly goal and kept me on track. I needed to know what I was doing was right and that I was going to achieve what I needed too in the two months I had before my wedding.

How did you feel on your big day?

I look back at my wedding photos and am so proud of what I achieved. I felt glamourous, sexy, fit and healthy. I am able to look at the photos and watch the video without wishing I had changed something. When I got to the end of the aisle, my hubby just said ‘hot’.

What are you most proud of achieving in the gym?

I am able to be consistent and have increased my weights in most exercises throughout the program. I can now do 5 chin ups and my bum got perkier.

You mentioned gaining a perkier bum! What do you put this down to?

I really enjoyed the squats, lunges and the circuits which I think helped toward my perkier bum.

Favourite meal/snack to fuel your body…

Eggs! Couldn’t survive without eggs. I try to keep to 2 or 3 per day.

What advise would you give to a bride-to-be thinking of becoming a wedgette?

Becoming a wedgette leading up to the wedding just helped to take away that worry and stress about looking your best on the day. Hannah’s reassurance and tailored plans help to give you the confidence to keep going and not give up. I’d absolutely recommend Hannah to other bride-to-be’s on a mission to look and feel their best.

The best thing about being part of Team #Wedgettes…

It’s a lovely community and the Insta crowd have been really encouraging and supportive.

Where can we find you? @wedgette_on_a_mission

Photography credit: Alisa Roberts


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