You want to lose weight, so decide to keep a food diary. The first thing I want to know is, do you weigh your food or not? Some of you might be pulling faces like ‘you what?’, whilst others may be nodding along already. Here’s the thing – when starting out on your weight loss journey, monitoring your portion sizes can be a big help, as you’re able to track your overall food intake over the week, BUT… is weighing your food long term, or even for the rest of your life a realistic, healthy habit to have?

Why I’m bringing this up is because I got chatting with a friend at the gym about it, and whilst we see many guys and girls who are in ‘prep’ over on Instagram weighing every gram of food that passes their mouth, we must remember that these individuals are striving to achieve an extreme body composition which requires a very intense period of training and diet manipulation – and this is not representative of the general population who exercise and eat a healthy balanced diet to feel their most fabulous self.

When a new client joins team #wedgettes I do get them to keep a detailed food diary, which includes weighing out some foods. This is to enable me as their coach to get a clear idea on their portion sizes so we’re able to adjust them to assist their weight loss goals, but over time they should then be able to do what I refer to as ‘eyeballing it’ – a non-technical term for getting used to how portion sizes look to the human eye, therefore no longer requiring the scales. Because lets be real here – who the hell wants to weigh out their food every single day? I most definitely don’t. It can lead to obsessive behaviour, feelings of being restricted, and I for one just don’t think that that’s a healthy way to live. Food is there to be bloomin’ well enjoyed, not to stress about.

I’m actually really intrigued to hear your opinions on this topic – have any of you weighed your food before to help you lose weight? Did it help you? How did you find it? Share your tales, I’d really love to know. Leave me a comment below and let’s discuss…