I always get a little nervous sharing more personal kind of posts, probably because it makes me feel vulnerable, but I feel strongly that this topic needs to be discussed, and the more open we all are, the better, and I hope in doing so you’ll join me by sharing your own experience of it too.

In a world saturated with idyllic images, it’s becoming harder and harder to not get sucked in from the moment we wake. We find ourselves striving to be better, to live a life that’s ‘on point’ – the perfect diet, fitness regime and career. But with this comes one hefty bag of self-pressure and left unattended, can cause a lot of mental damage.

I see it happen to my clients, and have also been a victim of self-pressure myself. I’m sure some of you reading this can relate? It’s something I have a lot of experience with – as a former professional dancer I put pressure on myself to do well in auditions, as an influencer I put pressure on myself to put out great content, and as a personal trainer and coach I put pressure on myself to help my clients get the best results. Add in personal ambitions, business goals and daily household chores, that can add up to be one bucket load of pressure.

Deep down, the truth is I actually thrive under a certain amount of pressure – it makes me tick. Without it I probably wouldn’t get much done, but is there so much as too much self-pressure? I would say yes, 100%.

Over the past few months, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to explore the world of balance with Yushoi – who’s values align so very well with my own, promoting a healthy balance in all aspects of life, health & taste, time with friends & alone, as well as active living & rest. If you’ve yet to try these scrumptious baked, crispy, green pea snacks by the way, GET ON IT!

But when it comes to the world of health and fitness, there appears to now be an overwhelming pressure for us all to achieve this sense of balance seamlessly. The thing is, balance is subjective. What works for one, isn’t necessarily right for someone else, and that ratio of balance, or amount of energy you give to certain areas of your life will constantly change depending on your goals and priorities. What would happen though if we put a little less pressure on ourselves? Imagine for a moment how that would make you feel. Perhaps you’d feel a greater sense of balance for doing so?

When I feel overwhelmed, fresh air, laughter and music are my therapy. I move, I feel, I let my inhibitions go, the energy flow through my veins into every finger tip as I twirl and stretch. It’s my happy place. My escapism. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. I simply move. At times it makes me emotional – okay often. But in doing so it allows me to truly feel alive and present, shaking off self-pressure, creating a more balanced state of mind to think and grow from.

Just as we grow older we evolve as people, our levels of balance will adjust. Once we learn to accept this, only then can we begin to put less pressure on ourselves and go about embracing every chapter of our lives.

Do you struggle with self-pressure? Ever feel overwhelmed to live a perfectly balanced life? I’d love to hear your personal stories and any ways that help you manage it. Do leave me a comment below…