Pregnancy has opened up a whole new world and I’ve absolutely loved the ride! I’ve received so many messages during my pregnancy from fellow mama-to-be’s, asking what products I’ve used to stay healthy and active, reduce stretch marks, gain weight at a healthy rate, so I decided to put together my own fit pregnancy essentials check list! I hope you find it useful… and as always, if you have any to add, please leave them in the comments below!


1. GREAT GYM LEGGINGS GapFit Maternity Blackout Leggings

These are honestly amazing, I can’t rave about them enough. I’ve lived in mine. They fit comfortably over bump, pass the squat test, and the major plus compared to so many others I tried… they actually stay up! I ordered a small and was a size 10 pre-pregnancy, so I’d say to go with your pre-pregnancy size. These certainly get a big thumbs up from me – a maternity gym kit must have!



Naturally I wanted to minimise stretch marks and for me these two products have worked a treat. Although I feel I should have had shares in the companies with the amount I’ve spent on them… but hey ho, my bodies worth it right?! I used both of these from the very start of my pregnancy, smothering my bump, hips, back and thighs, applying Palmers Cocoa Butter in the morning, and Bio-Oil in the evening before bed.


3. PAMPER TIME PRODUCTSLoveBoo Mummy Bath Soak & Neom Organics De-Stress Candle

During my second trimester especially, I loved a good soak in the bath with my Neom De-Stress candle – which smells incredible may I add. These helped me to wind down after a busy day, and was a really lovely way to pamper myself whilst spending time connecting with my baby bump. Tummy kicks in the bath are the best!


4. HEALTHY SNACKS – FAGE Yoghurt, Fresh Fruit, Yushoi Pea Snacks, Medjool Dates…

…the list really could go on! Mini meals and snacks have been a firm feature throughout my entire pregnancy. In the early days helping reduce nausea, and in the third trimester reducing heartburn/reflux. I aimed to keep my nutrition in general balanced, focussing on providing my body and bump with nutrient dense foods, as well as those you just fancy!


5. PRE-NATAL SUPPLEMENTSViridian Folic Acid & Liquid Vitamin D

Pre pregnancy and up until around 14 weeks I took a daily dose of folic acid, and throughout my entire pregnancy I’ve also taken liquid vitamin D – both of which were recommended by my midwife.



I used a gym ball and have used it so much during my third trimester – to sit on at my desk, to watch TV, the lean my upper body/chest over to help relieve pressure on my lower back, as well as to bounce on/ pelvic circle on – encouraging baby in to an optimal position in preparation for birth. I highly recommend getting one! Top tip: when sat on it, you want to make sure your hips are higher than your knees when you feet are flat on the floor.


7. BUMP BANDThere are SO many out there!

My friend kindly gave me hers that she got from her physio, and whilst it’s rather intense/ not the most comfortable thing to lounge around in, it’s been a great help, supporting the weight of my ever growing bump – especially when walking the dog. There’s a huge range of bands on the market, so check them out, and if in doubt, ask your midwife and/or physio which is best to suit your needs.


8. SLEEPING BUDDYU Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

As a back sleeper, using a U shaped pregnancy pillow helped keep me on my side whilst in bed. Snuggly, comfortable, and a great support for your bump too. I also made sure that during the third trimester I slept with a pillow in between my knees too, to help with pelvis alignment.


9. THE RIGHT SPORTS BRASweaty Betty Ultra Run 

The first thing that changed when I became pregnant was my boobs – shooting up two whole cup sizes by the end of my first trimester! So a good supportive sports bra that fitted well was a gym essential. I loved the fit and feel of Sweaty Betty’s Ultra Run bra, it hugged my bobbies in all the right places… so much so, I bought two!


10. MASSAGE OILMy Expert Midwife Fantastic Skin Elastic & Peri Prep Your Bits

I’m grateful to have had an incredibly supportive other half throughout my pregnancy, and even though I’m not sure he enjoys doing so all that much, regularly back/pelvis massages helped hugely! The Fantastic Skin Elastic smells incredibly dreamy, like the best product I’ve smelt, and I would also use this on my bump too. Their Peri Prep Your Bits can be used for perineal massage (the area between your vagina and anus) which is said to help reduce the risk of tearing or needing an episiotomy during childbirth. I’ll let you read more about the benefits and how to’s here.

So there you have it – My 10 Fit Pregnancy Essentials! 


Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy,