Tight back? Tight hips? Rounded shoulders? These three mobility moves are for you! Whether you work at a desk, or simply feel tight in these areas, you need these exercises in your life to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout. Mobilise your joints, even out any muscular imbalances you may have, and reduce tightness.

Incorporate these three moves as part of your warm up, or even when you get out of bed in the morning or after a long day in the office. To take you through them step by step, I’ve teamed up with Ash Barlow, movement coach and personal trainer so you can follow along in the video below and we can be mobility movers together!

MOVE 1: Hip Circles – for tight hips

MOVE 2: The Breakdance – for tight (rounded) shoulders and hips

MOVE 3: Cat to Camel – for a tight back

Do you suffer from tightness in your hips, back or shoulders from working at a desk? Leave me a comment below if you do, I’d love to know. Also if you found these moves helpful and want to see more mobility moves, shout at me below…

Now go move your body to feel fabulous!