Hannah Mills, the woman behind Wedges & Weights, is on a mission to educate and inspire women to move more, nourish their soul and love their body.

“I want to show women how they can have it all – the body, the lifestyle and the confidence they deserve to create a life they love. Simply put… how they can look, feel & be fabulous!”

As a fully qualified personal trainer, health coach, and pre and post natal exercise specialist, Hannah works closely with her clients, or as she loves to call these super women, wedgettes, online to get them the incredible results they want, but it doesn’t stop at transforming bodies. Hannah believes and shows her ladies how living a healthy balanced lifestyle can have a positive impact on other aspect of their lives, including their confidence, relationships, career and well being.

Hannah’s fresh and holistic approach to health and fitness means ditching the diets, throwing out the scales, and instead embracing a healthy lifestyle that’s sustainable. Coaching you through your very own health journey, she’ll assist you with your fitness, nutrition and mindset, helping you to find balance, whilst still getting you the results you want.

One of Hannah’s key aims is to change the way women feel about themselves, which is one of the main reason she created Wedges & Weights, and developed the amazing Wedgettes Community – a place for women of all ages, to inspire and support one another to become fitter, healthier and happier!

If that wasn’t enough, Hannah is also an acclaimed fitness blogger, where her readers can discover the latest fitness trends and foodie finds, read up on health and nutrition, and dribble over scrumptious recipes that they can whip up themselves. As well as that, she speaks at various events around the UK, spreading her positivity and passion for healthy living.

But it hasn’t always been fitness for Hannah. She originally trained in musical theatre in London, going on to tour the UK in a musical. Then she dabbled in television working behind the scenes, before discovering resistance training, which empowered her to make some serious career changes, as she stepped in to the world of health, fitness and well being.

So if you’re looking to give your lifestyle a re-haul then you’re certainly in the right place!

You can stay updated with what Hannah’s up to over on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and see her day-to-day antics on snapchatrealhannahmills.





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