If you’re in to fitness, does this mean you should train and eat a certain way 100% of the time?

You might be sat there thinking – wait a minute, you’re a Personal Trainer, what kind of silly question is that?! Surely you always eat an ‘optimal diet’ and stick to your training plan 100% of the time? Maybe there are PT’s out there that do (and that’s cool), but for me, fitness is there to enhance my life, not restrict it. So just like I’m all for staying fit and healthy, I’m also all for not skipping the ice cream, girls night, or bread basket when I fancy it either!

Fitness isn’t a size – it’s a feeling. It should make you feel fabulous on the inside, helping to improve both your physical and mental health, and be enjoyable! What it shouldn’t be is something you stress about.

It’s easy to scroll through your social feed and feel like you should be ‘on it’ 100% of the time – that fit chick you follow is always sweating hard at class, tucking in to beautiful acai bowls, and posting the ‘perfect’ post-workout selfie… but ask yourself this, is that their whole story behind the tiny square you see?

I always aim to keep things real with you all. Sure, I love fuelling my body with nutrient dense foods and moving my body because combined they help me to feel fabulous, have more energy and over the years they’ve been key elements that have helped me improve the relationship I have with myself – but this doesn’t stop me eating ice cream in my activewear – hell no – and nor should we feel guilty for doing so! Ps how cute is this top and new shorts from Boudavida? Obsessed… plus it’s the perfect outfit for this gorgeous heatwave, AND they fit baby bump!

Obviously fitness is a big part of my life – I love it, and my job allows me to train women online from all over the world – but is my whole life dedicated to fitness? Not at all. I absolutely love spending quality time with my man, family, friends and fur ball, getting stuck in to a good book, or slumming it on the sofa on a Sunday night. I’m human. Not a fitness machine.

Being fit isn’t about severe calorie cutting, hitting the gym for 2-3 hours per day, avoiding restaurants and drinking nothing but water. Being fit for life is about adapting a new, healthier way of doing things in your everyday life, that enhance your life, are manageable and sustainable, and make you feel fabulous far beyond a few weeks or months.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is, you don’t have to be ‘ON IT’ 100% of the time. You can still be fit and be flexible within your life. I remind my online clients of this time and time again. Life happens. Deadlines come and go. Family commitments. Busy periods. Quieter periods. You haven’t failed or fallen off the wagon just because you missed a workout last week to go have dinner with your bestie instead.

I‘m aware this has turned in to a bit of a ramble of a post, but I feel it’s a really important topic to discuss. You don’t have to eat or train in a certain way to be fit. Fitness is a way of life, and if you find it’s restricting you, rather than enhancing your life in ways you’d like, maybe it’s time you mix things up?

What does fitness mean to you? Have you ever felt guilty for eating certain foods or not ordering them when out with friends in fear of being judged? Comment below, and let’s get chatting…