I’m so excited to be handing over to wonder wedgette Eleanor who’s transformation is sure to inspire you! Eleanor lost an incredible 24cm thanks to her wedgettes plan, but gained so much more… I don’t want to give too much away here, but let’s just say there’s more to a transformation than meets the eye! Over to Eleanor…

I knew I was less fit than I had been previously, but it was only when I became upset about my physical appearance that I realised that my lack of motivation was also having a detrimental effect on my general wellbeing, mental state and achievements.

Let’s throwback to October 2016: I had just started my fourth year of university. I was busy, mentally strained and tired, and my health quickly took a back seat. I’m a “studyaholic” and put enormous amounts of pressure on myself to do well. However, when it came to exercise and food there was always an excuse. “I’m going to be late for class. I’ll just grab a meal deal” or “I would go to the gym but I should be in the library.”

I knew that my clothes were tight and that I wasn’t comfortable with my appearance, yet I still couldn’t muster up the motivation to make a change. Between Cheer and cardio in the gym I was exercising 4 times a week, losing incentive when I never saw a change – in hindsight, the stress-eaten cookies probably weren’t doing me many favours! I began to follow various fitness accounts on Instagram, hoping that watching other people transform themselves would somehow convince me to do the same.

1st January 2017: “[Friend] has tagged you in a photo”. I knew I’d put on weight but I hadn’t realised it properly until I saw that photo {above}. The skirt grabbed me in all the wrong places and the backless top was less than flattering. I know I wasn’t necessarily overweight, but nor was I healthy and, at 5’1”, it was hard to hide. More importantly, I wasn’t happy.

On 12th January I finally sat down and wrote an email to Hannah. I’d been following her Instagram and, compared to many health accounts, she struck me as particularly real. I could see real women, like me, reaching their goals. I received a reply within four hours, asking me to fill out a form. I’ll admit that I nearly didn’t, I’ve never been particularly good at “failing” and I suddenly panicked I may do exactly that. However, Hannah sent me a follow up email and I sat down and took the plunge.

My experience with Wedges & Weights has not only educated me about my diet and exercise, it’s taught me a lot about myself. My physical progress has amazed me – the photos speak for themselves.

It’s rewarding to watch the centimetres fall off each month and, in that respect, I got what I thought I wanted to get out the program. I wanted to lose weight, tone up and look healthier: tick.

However, three months later… I now realise that losing weight was the least of it. Previously I was tense, tired and found myself snapping regularly.

I began to work more effectively and balanced my time better as I planned my day around the gym and meals. Gradually, excuses became a thing of the past. As I became less stressed and anxious, my mood improved, as did my ability to deal with situations that would previously have made me feel pressured. Perhaps a lot of it is to do with confidence. I’m naturally a quieter person, but I’ve learnt that, all clichés aside, improving the way I see myself has improved the way others see me. Yes, aesthetics have a lot to with this, but I don’t doubt for a second that how I now look is a consequence of not only physical changes but also mental ones.

1st May 2017: “[Friend] has tagged you in a photo”. My progress pictures for Hannah had already shown me the physical difference in my appearance. However, when I put these two photos {above}, taken just four months apart, side-by-side, I felt an overwhelming sense of achievement. The girl in the orange playsuit is healthy, slimmer, confident and optimistic. Most importantly, she’s happy. I’ve always struggled with inner battles, I know that I’m constantly too hard on myself and therefore, the fact that even I couldn’t fault myself this time, was incredible.

The program has eased me out of my comfort zone. Regularly I was the student who sat in my pyjamas writing essays, eating rubbish and, in exam time, barely leaving the house. I now wear exercise clothes daily, wake up earlier and am productive. By learning to love training and to love great food…

Despite the fact that Hannah tells me I have done this myself, it isn’t completely fair. Hannah is amazing, not only is she extremely knowledgeable about health, exercise and nutrition. She’s also a super optimistic and approachable person, and as a coach she is brilliant. Whether she was reminding me to send over my food diary again (sorry!), sending me positive vibes for my essays, or generally just being understanding when I needed it, I definitely would never have made the positive changes that I have without her. My experience with Wedges & Weights has changed my mindset towards fitness, food and myself.

Who knew the gym could be fun?! Who knew it was possible to crave hummus and carrot rather than a Dairy Milk?! I do now.

Transform your own body and mind, just like Eleanor, with your own Wedges & Weights plan!