Wonder Wedgette Rachel is taking over the blog to share her INCREDIBLE transformation! Dishing how she got that peach, deadlifted 100kg and completely changed her mindset with her Wedgettes Training Plan – I am SO proud of her, and I think you’re gonna be super inspired after reading Rachel’s story – 

Tell us about yourself… 

I had always been quite active and enjoy the feeling of working out, when I got into a previous relationship I over indulge, my weight got out of control and I put on a lot, becoming desperately unhappy.

How has signing up to the Wedges & Weights Plan contributed to your amazing results? 

Not only have I managed to change my body and sculpt it into something I never thought possible, but my mindset has completely changed. I forever felt that I should be confined to a certain weight to look and feel good, but I can now accept me for what I am.

What are you most proud of achieving so far? 

Of being able to achieve a pull up and deadlift over 100kg. I have made incredible strength gains during this journey and it gives me strength in other aspects of my life. I am also proud of what my body can do rather than nitpicking at what it can’t and what I should look like.

Favourite exercise… 

Has to be either a dead lift, or a hip thrust. I love the amount of weight I can do with both of these exercises. The dead lift can be quite daunting but incorporating it into my workout has made a significant difference to my body.

How has your body confidence changed since becoming a wedgette? 

My body confidence is through the roof, I am proud of the body I have. I mean I can even go out where crop tops or tank tops and not feel self conscious. 

Has your nutrition and relationship with food changed since signing up? 

My nutrition would always be the thing to let me down. But since being on the plan I’ve learnt that to get the best out of my body in the gym I need to be fuelling it with the right foods. Food isn’t the enemy, its a way to a better life.

Favourite meal/snack to fuel your body… 

I made an incredible salad the other day, crazy I know but it was amazing. Roasted kale, butternut squash, tomatoes, drizzled with cider vinegar and olive oil. Top with some of Hannah’s turkey patties and it was heaven!! So simple but so tasty.

What was your biggest inspiration to make a change in your life? 

My biggest inspiration was actually me. I had already lost a lot of weight before but I wanted to make sure that I created sustainable results and looked healthy and toned. When I look at how far I had come already, I knew I could achieve anything I put my mind too.

How do you keep yourself motivated? 

I don’t struggle too much with the motivation, it has just become routine for me now. However results keep me motivated and chatting with Hannah regularly, seeing what I am doing on a daily basis and how it makes such a difference keeps me going.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learnt about yourself? 

That I really can do anything if I put my mind too it. I am capable of achieving whatever I want to achieve and the only person to ever stop me is myself.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to become fitter & healthier? 

I would advise that the journey isn’t easy, it’s hard and it’s something you do forever, but it’s so worth it, so fall in love with the process. It gives you a new lease of life and I am enjoying life now more than ever. 

Looking forward, what’s next?

Next for me is to continue to growing and learning. Fuelling my body and shaping it through nutrition and exercise fascinates me and I want to continue to learn as much about my body as I can.

Where can we find you? > @rachcrox

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