Wonder Wedgette Jess is taking over the blog to share how the Wedgettes Training Plan helped boost her body confidence, transform her mindset and hit that 60kg squat! Jess is proof that busy women can achieve amazing results too… you’re rocking that red swimsuit girl!

Tell us about yourself…

Born and bread in Cheshire. Studied Management at the University of York before becoming an Area Manager for a well known retailer. I live with my boyfriend in Mobberley and enjoy keeping fit and going on lots of holidays.

Why did you sign up to the #Wedgettes Plan?

I decided to focus on my fitness about 18 months ago and although I had seen some improvements with my body I wanted to have a plan which I could follow all through the week rather than in one PT session per week. I also wanted to increase my knowledge in nutrition and weight training whilst seeing the positive effect it could have on my body. I saw the Wedgettes plan on instagram and loved the sound of the plans and the support you get from Hannah along the way.

How has your online plan helped you transform your body and mind?

I have not only lost centimetres and grown muscle I have developed an understanding for the importance of balance. I know that to achieve the goal you want you need to put in effort and focus but must not restrict yourself completely as then you will not be consistent. I have also learnt so much more about being mindful and learning to switch off after a long day. Exercise and my workouts have really helped with this.

Has your body confidence improved? If so, how…

My body confidence has improved so much. I have learnt to be proud of what my body can do rather than what it looks like at every angle.

Most proud of achieving in the gym…

Squatting 60kg!

Favourite meal/snack to fuel your body…

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it would have to be scrambled eggs with salmon and avocado.

Biggest lesson learnt…

Consistency is key and the more consistent you are the better your results will be. This is just the start of my journey and I want to keep pushing myself to get stronger and fitter.

Benefits of having Hannah as your online coach…

Hannah is so positive, supportive and honest. The workouts are really fun and give you chance to improve each week which is motivating and enables you too see how you have improved week on week. Hannah was always there to answer any questions and made me look at more than just my workouts; she made me look at my whole lifestyle and how I can make it even better.

What advise would you give to an amazing woman out there thinking of kicking off her own #wedgettes transformation?

I have enjoyed the past 5 months so much and have never felt more motivated to go to the gym, eat well and get the body I want. Give the programme a go and see what you can achieve.

The best thing about being part of Team #Wedgettes…

The online community where I have found lots of recipe and workout inspirations. I think it is amazing to see what other women have achieved by following the plan.

Where can we find you? > @jessbrit57 🙂