I‘m excited to be back partnering up with pea-based snack brand Yushoi to further explore the word on everyone in the health and fitness industry’s lips right now, ‘balance’. You’ll no doubt have heard the phrase used time and time again on social media, and it’s something that many of my clients strive to achieve when they join team #wedgettes. In todays post, I’m going to share how I achieve balance with my exercise routine, what a week in fitness looks like for me and share my top tips to help you find your own version of balance when it comes to exercise.

First things first, there’s no right or wrong when it comes to ‘balance’. However in my opinion, when it comes to a fitness regime, there are certain factors that need to be considered, such as overtraining. How many times a week do you exercise right now? Maybe it’s twice, or perhaps it’s five times. The amount and intensity should be specific to your goals, journey and lifestyle, with rest days scheduled in to aid your recovery – these bad boys shouldn’t be skipped!

Just like I eat to feel fabulous, I move to feel fabulous. Exercise for me has become a form of therapy. It’s an escapism from my to-do list, from my thoughts and allows me to be fully present. Whether that be a walk with my pup dog, a sweaty circuit session in the gym or hanging upside down – as you can see below, I see exercise, or movement as I like to refer to it, as a gift for my body and mind, and therefore it’s something I’ll schedule in to my diary in some shape or form every week.

As much as I’m a creature of habit – hello egg and avocado for breakfast, I do thrive on mixing it up when it comes to training, as I find this really helps to keep my mind engaged. To keep things fresh, I’ll incorporate a combination of training styles into my week – hitting the gym 3-5 times doing a combination of resistance workouts and bodyweight circuits, often with a cheeky HIIT finisher thrown on the end to send those endorphins flying! I’ll then hit the yoga mat at home on rest days to stretch and roll, and walk my fur ball daily, which has become a form of mindfulness in itself, also helping to break up my working day.

This may sound like a lot to some, but if I don’t move my body regularly, I start to feel anxious. Not out of guilt. Not to balance out the food I’ve eaten – I don’t agree with this kind of mentality, as I believe there’s no need to ever ‘balance out food with training’ when you have a balanced approach to nutrition. Yes I eat my veggies, but this will never stop me from feeding my soul with dark chocolate, and scrumptious crispy snacks like Yushoi, which by the way contain no MSG, artificial colours or flavours. Instead, I move my body daily purely as it’s an outlet for me to release any tension, and it’s something I feel grateful to be able to do, with the added benefit of boosting my physical and mental health and wellbeing.

My Top Tips For Achieving Balance With Your Exercise Routine: 

No1 Find a type of exercise you enjoy Lift weights, go to a yoga class, sign up for park run or text your bestie to join you for a walk. Do things you enjoy, and you’re way more likely to stick at it.

No2 Plan your workouts in to your week Exercise should complement your lifestyle, and make you feel good. Schedule in a sensible amount of sessions per week that you can stick to consistently. If you’re feeling drained, cut them down and instead focus on making each session more effective. Train smart.

No3 Do it for you Move your body for you. For your health. For your mental wellbeing. Not for any one else or anything else. Exercise and movement is one of life’s great gifts, so go shake your ass and celebrate the amazing things your body can do!

Do you struggle to find balance with exercise? What does your weekly exercise routine look like? I’d love to hear about yours – leave a comment below and let’s chat!