Training with Hannah for these last six months has been fantastic.

I was at a pretty low point when I started out in December. Having suffered with stress and anxiety for over a year, my normal healthy lifestyle had gone out of the window and I was comfort eating to deal with the stress. I’d lost all confidence and hated how I looked and felt.

I needed the support of a coach to get me back on track and the accountability that comes with that. Hannah was great at knowing how much support I needed and also when I needed encouragement or a challenge. I never felt out of my depth or anxious, and I always felt encouraged to make progress.

I didn’t have a specific weight loss goal, I just knew I wanted to be slimmer and that I wanted to get my fitness back. But knowing that a specific goal does always help me to focus, we built a running challenge into my programme and I set myself a goal of running a 10k without stopping. I started out with interval training, just running between lampposts and slowly built it up to running around my village, and then to the next village. I was so happy to finish my first 10k race after 3 months and did it in a time of 1hr4m17s. I then set myself the goal to run the next 10k in under an hour and I smashed that, managing to shave 5 minutes off my time in 8 weeks finishing with a time of 58m57s.

I‘m now confident in the weights area and am really at home in what I’d always seen as the “men’s” weights room at our gym. I remember taking my progress photos after 8 weeks and nearly crying with happiness at the progress and the fact that I had muscle definition on my back!!

I know that all the changes that we have put in place are completely sustainable – my nutrition programme isn’t a diet, it’s a healthy way of fuelling my body and has just become part of my lifestyle. And I know that I value my workout time and make it a priority in my life as it keeps both my mind and body healthy. I also know that a challenge keeps me focussed and making progress, so the next ones booked in are a half marathon and a cycling trip in the French Alps. I would have found these scary before, but Hannah has given me all the tools I need to build the strength and fitness that I’ll need to achieve these.

My transformation is about much more than the inches I’ve lost or the progress I’ve made with my running or in the gym. My stress levels are under control, my sleep levels have improved massively and I’ve also learnt to recognise my triggers and know how to cope with them better.

My confidence has come back, and I actually feel like “me” again – I’m happier, fitter, stronger and more confident than I’ve been in a long time.

And I can’t thank Hannah enough in the role that she’s played in getting me to where I am.

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