Juggling my first pregnancy, running a business, being a mum to my fur ball, teaching dance again, exercising regularly to keep my body strong for baby, whilst working on an exciting project (watch this space!), it’s fair to say I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed recently. Do you ever get that? You have so much going on and so many thoughts running through your mind that you feel like your head might explode… then you struggle to switch off, so your sleep suffers, and then you feel like pants and the downward spiral continues… well this resulted in me breaking down in the middle of Mothercare whilst attempting to choose a baby bouncer! I laugh now, but this was my reality and the major wake up call I needed.

I pride myself in keeping things real for you all and practising what I preach, but in all honesty, there are areas of my life that I’ve let slip, and my self care has taken the biggest hit. Meditation, affirmations, and a morning routine are all things I rave about and have my clients doing to help improve their overall wellbeing, yet these have slowly but surely crept there way out of my own life, and I can’t believe how much of an impact this has had on my mental health. Which is why I decided to set a 7 day #SelfCareLoving challenge for us all to do together to kick off the start of May!

In the hyperconnected world in which we live in, I may as well be sleeping with my iPhone right now –  it’s the first thing I check as soon as I wake, firing up Instagram and checking my emails. You might be smiling right now, thinking this is totally me. As amazing as technology is, we’re essentially allowing ourselves to be bombarded with perfectly created square images, conflicting messages, and looming emails before our feet even touch the floor. This can’t be healthy for our minds! It’s crazy when you think about it really isn’t it?!

I often feel like I’m invincible. Running on adrenaline to get stuff done. The thing is, I thrive under a certain amount of pressure, it makes me tick. But attempting to perform at this level day in day out, and add to that your iPhone being practically glued to your hand, like anyone, I crash and burn, and I bet I’m not alone…

So I’ve decided enough is enough, and am sharing this honest rambling with you because a) I think it’s important that you don’t think I always have my s**t together, and b) I would LOVE you to join me on the 7 day #SelfCareLoving Challenge to kick off May! If you’re nodding away and feel like your own self care routine is on the blink/ non-existent, let’s do this together and regain a little more balance in body and mind…



How to get involved… Starting TOMORROW, 1st May, add these 3 simple #SelfCareLoving steps to your morning routine! We’ll do it for the first 7 days of May, and together let’s aim to regain a little more balance in mind and body! They may sound small, but trust me, include them and they can make a BIG difference to your mindset!


Don’t sleep with it next to your bed, or better still remove all devices from your bedroom entirely. When you wake up, take a few deep breaths, shower, get dressed, have your breakfast and after you’ve had your 30 minute no phone zone time, then allow yourself to check your phone if you feel the need to. I’ve found it helpful to set a timer for this, but decide what works best for you and stick to it. This will probably feel alien at first (a morning with Instagram!!!), but stick with it and see how you feel.

#SelfCareLoving Step 2: MOVE YOUR BODY

Throw on your activewear and move your body! Whether it’s a 5 minute walk round the block, 20 star jumps, or a full blown workout, get your body moving! Getting active will help set you up for the day ahead. I can’t tell you what a difference this has made for me. Instead of scrolling Instagram in my PJ’s, I am up, moving and much more focused throughout the day. Plus, I’m grateful to have the beautiful countryside on my door step and the gorgeous bright prints of Boudavida activewear to rock – you can’t beat a bit of matchy matchy hey! And I don’t care what anyone says, dressing in great activewear totally has a positive impact on my mindset!


Affirmations are like an exercise for our mind. Not heard of affirmations before? Pick one from the examples below or create your own using my guide to affirmations and then say your affirmation out loud to yourself in the mirror 3 times before you brush your teeth in the morning. Repeating these positive thoughts or mantras out loud may seem strange at first, but trust me, over time repeating these positive affirmations in the present-tense as if they’re already happening will help you to believe that what you are saying is true right now.

‘I am strong and fearless’

‘I am enough’

‘I’m grateful for the body I have’


TAG ME in your Instagram posts each day @wedgesandweights and use the hashtag #SelfCareLoving letting me know what you did to ‘move your body’ – remember, keep it simple, it doesn’t have to be complicated, just get your body moving!


*I’ll be sharing your #SelfCareLoving snaps on my Instagram, so remember to check in daily… just make sure it’s after your no phone zone time!*

I can’t wait to hear how you get on as we work on improving our mental health together!

Now bring on 7 days of #SelfCareLoving!