Your to-do list is as long as your arm, your dirty laundry over flowing, the dishwasher needs emptying, you’ve a deadline to meet at work, you want to make sure you get in your gym sessions, pack your lunches to save dollar, throw in making time for a social life and you could say we’ve all become erratic jugglers of life. Maintaining balance has never been so challenging, and with social media portraying the idea that everyone has their s**t together, it’s easy to feel unbalanced, or like you’re not doing enough/ good enough/ or living life enough, playing havoc with our mental wellbeing. It can be one hell of a battle.

When I started this mini blog it was simply a hobby. An outlet for me sharing all things health and fitness. I wasn’t a qualified personal trainer as I am now, and never in my dreams did I think I’d be coaching women all around the world and working with amazing brands like Yushoi as I am today *pinch me*. The thing is, from the outside running your own business on the internet can appear like a walk in the park, but let me tell you it’s not. Sure, I love what I do and it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t days when I’m stressed to hell and break down crying – I’m human after all.

I know first hand that I am not alone with this, as I have clients who talk to me about their struggles on a daily basis, so when pea-based snack brand Yushoi asked me to partner up with them to discuss this particular topic, I jumped at the chance.

Over this past year especially, I’ve become more aware of my stress triggers, how to manage them and have developed techniques that help me to get a grip or let’s call it ‘reset’ during more unbalanced, stressful times. I used to think it was weak to admit this, but I’ve soon learnt that it’s totally normal to experience times of feeling overwhelmed, and to get you guys thinking about how you could better deal with your own stresses in life, I’ve shared 5 ways to improve your mental balance and wellbeing.

Keep A Positivity Journal Keep a note pad at the side of your bed and at the end of each day jot down 3 positive things that happened that day. This helps you to finish the day focusing on the positives, which over time can help to shift your mindset.

Spend Time With Loved Ones No matter how busy you are, make time for your nearest and dearest because to me, the people you share your life with are the most valuable. Share a cuppa, good film and sharing bag of Soy and Balsamic baked, light and crispy pea-snacks – my favourite flavour, because at the end of the day life really is about balance in all areas of life.

Meditate Regularly I used to think this was airy fairy – how wrong I was. Mindfulness meditation has become a firm part of my routine, helping me to let go of the past, stop fretting about the future, and bring me to the present moment. Whether you follow a 10 minute guided meditation or simply bring your attention to your breathe, inhaling for 3 seconds and exhaling for 5 seconds. Do it anywhere – at your desk, on the tube, or in the toilet cubicle!

Get Outdoors When feeling stressed out, for me personally, a dose of fresh air is the ultimate remedy. Time to myself, a little vitamin D if we’re lucky, and looking up at the sky always puts a big smile on my face. Try it on your lunch break or after work.

Cuddle a Puppy I can’t tell you how much having our own fur baby has helped me to stop and chill. Whilst I’m not advising you all to rush out and buy a puppy, spending time around our fury friends can be so relaxing – cuddles, fetch, walks, and a whole lot of puppy love. Love you Betsy Boo!

How do you manage more stressful, unbalanced times? I’d love to here what helps you. Do leave me a comment below and let’s chat! P.s who hear has a fur ball friend? Pet pictures welcome!