With the weather hotting up here in the UK – yey, I wanted to share with you my health and fitness tips and tricks to help you feel fabulous for Summer and beyond! I don’t believe in training solely for Summer as I think we should feel fabulous about ourselves, in mind and body, all year round. With that said though, having short term goals like feeling confident in your bikini this Summer can make to be a super motivator! – and there is nothing wrong with a spot of added motivation.

I love the sunshine. I don’t care if this sounds silly, but my mood is 100% affected by the weather. Do any of you get that? When the sun is shining I find it hard not to feel more positive, I naturally want to eat fresh juicy foods, load up on fresh salads, spend time outdoors, and generally feel brighter – pardon the pun. But there are certain things I follow and use with my clients to help both myself and my wedgettes look, feel and be fabulous in every aspect of life, and today I’m letting you in on my tips and tricks…

Eat Better, Not Less The one thing I see a lot of when I start coaching new clients (AKA wedgettes) is the minimal amount of food I see on their food diaries. Instead of starving your body to lose weight – trying to get through the day on a few lettuce leaves – focus instead on eating better. Think quality protein sources, whole foods and lots of green vegetables. Fuel your body for fitness, to feel energised and fabulous, don’t starve it. Achieve your goals through better fuel, not lesser fuel.

Train Smarter, Not More Figure out how many hours you can realistically commit to working out on a regularly basis and then work on making these sessions more effective. Train smarter. Utilise your time. You don’t need to be in the gym every single day. If you have an effective training plan to follow, it can be done in lesser time. Which then will leave you more time to chill in the sunshine with your besties – winner! For training plans click here.

Sneak In Extra Veggies One of my personal favourite vege tricks – zoats. Basically adding grated courgette to your porridge oats. If you haven’t tried this baby yet, I’d highly recommend you do. It makes a cracking post-workout meal. Add 1/2 a grated courgette and a scoop of your favourite protein powder to your oats (FYI: I’m currently using Nutristrength pea protein in roasted cocoa and it’s the bees knees), top with berries and nut butter and there you have it, post-workout heaven in a bowl – with the bonus of an extra portion of greens.

Prioritise Sleep Don’t underestimate the power of sleep. It aids your recovery, both mentally and physically. It impacts your cortisol levels, which in turn can effect weight loss. Take a look at your bedtime routine, to help wind down your mind and body for rest. And if like me you love a cheeky power nap, I say go for it – 30 minutes or 90 minutes I’ve read are the optimum nap times. Happy napping.

Meditate For 10 Minutes Pause, be present and focus on your breath. Schedule in mindfulness meditation to your daily routine. In a world that’s go go go, take 10 minutes to be at one with yourself. To be fully present with your body and mind. To become aware of how you are feeling in that moment. Headspace is one of my favourite apps to use – watch my video on mindfulness meditation for beginners here.

Buddy UWhen working towards any fitness goal, it always helps to have a motivation buddy. Someone to help you be accountable. To stick to your workouts. Your way less likely to skip the gym if you know that your workout buddy awaits you. Plus, I find it so much more fun when training with a friend. Ask someone in your gym, drag along your bestie to a class, plan a lunchtime run with a work colleague. Get in the zone together.

Eat Mindfully Next time you eat, turn off your computer, put down your phone, and focus fully on the food in front of you. It will no doubt feel alien to begin with, but more often than not we are distracted whilst consuming food – emailing whilst eating lunch to get through our to-do list, scrolling through Instagram whilst eating our eggs to just see what everyone’s up to. Eat the food you are gifting your body with mindfully. Take in the smell, how it looks, how it feels on your tongue, the taste, savour every moment. By doing so you’ll not only learn to enjoy every mouthful, but are less likely to overeat.

Get Prepped Fill the fridge with healthy goodness at the weekend, plan your meals for the week ahead, lay out your gym kit for tomorrow, prep your tupperware ready to grab and go, preparation truly is key if you want to make positive progress towards your goal. If you find yourself time poor, making an extra portion at dinner time to take in for lunch the next day is a super savvy move. Do what works for you. Prepare yourself for positive progress.

Schedule Active Meet Ups Whether it’s going to a class or a stroll in the sun – rather than sitting in your favourite coffee shop, grab one to go and soak up some vitamin D whilst you catch up on the move. Or if you’re feeling energetic, sweat it out together at park run. You can always go for brunch afterwards!

Make Small Changes With all that said, start small. Focus on changing one thing. Make one healthy food swap. Start preparing your lunches. Mix up one gym session to make it more effective. Take it one step at a time. This way you can introduce one new habit each week, and before you know it these habits will become part of your every day routine and one day they’ll become your norm.

If you’ve got any favourite health and fitness tips and tricks, I’d love you to share them with me below! Enjoy the sunshine this week wedgettes – it’s set to be a scorcher so don’t forget your sunscreen, and have fun in the sun!

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Everybody deserves to feel truly fabulous inside and out, why should you be an exception?